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Opening communication between animals and their human friends

When to communicate

During Change

It is beneficial to tell your animal friend about impending changes so that the animal is not taken by surprise. It is also helpful to find out what they may need from you to transition smoothly. Talking to your animal friend before a move, getting a new animal, or any situation that affects you is helpful. Animals like and need to be considered when changes occur because they are much affected by our changes both internal and external.

“Peter is doing much better. He no longer hides under the bed. He sleeps with me at night and his weight has stabilized.”
Val Farrel, Freeport, New York

Behavioral Issues

Another instance is when your animal friend is exhibiting behavior that is unappreciated by you. Most behavior that we find irritating does have some reasoning or emotional reality behind it. It is helpful to find out what is triggering the behavior and to find out from your animal friend what support is needed so they can make a behavior change. I use a chakra reading to see where the possible trauma is lodged and then apply the appropriate healing to release it.

“Your consultation greatly helped my rescue dog, Sparky, and our whole family. Sparky is greatly relieved of his anxiety.”
Lauren Edmond, New York, NewYork


I have been asked to assist in cases where the vet cannot locate the source of the discomfort or when the vet suspects that the cause may be an emotional situation affecting you or your friend. A body scan
is suggested in detecting the location of the physical issue.

“Without your communication with my ailing Golden Retriever I might have lost Achates before her time. You were accurate and the information given helped the vet treat her.”
Jane Solomon, Tamarac, Florida

Lost Animals

Losing an animal friend is one of the most difficult situations for any animal lover. I can find out what happened, what route the animal took and what the animal sees around it. Often, the person can find their friend with these clues, or when the animal is calmer from being talked to, it recalls its route and can find its way home.

“Your gift in locating my cat, Sari, was a precious experience. Your direction enabled us to find and rescue him.”

Dona Baker, Brentwood, California

Animals Nearing Transition

Many experience great stress as their animal friend nears their transition. Is it their time? What do they need to be comfortable? Do they want or need assistance? These unending questions can be answered by a talk with your friend.

“After your talk with Muffin, I had the confidence to let him die in peace at home which is what he wanted.”
Angel Thompson, Venice, California

Completion Communication

This communication is comforting with any feelings of incompletion we may have regarding their transition. Many of us experience such insecurity and pain over not knowing if we have done the right thing for our animal friend.

“Your communication with our beloved, Jasmine, was invaluable and gives us much comfort. I now feel assured that I did everything I could have done for her.”
Bobette Jones, Los Angeles, California